GB WhatsApp APK Download (Official) Latest Version for Android 2024

Search no further as compared to GB Whatsapp if you’re searching for a chat software that incorporates all of WhatsApp’s greatest features. This application is a well-known third-party modification of WhatsApp that provides enhanced features and customizable possibilities, making it a favorite among millions of internet users globally. GB Whatsapp have you prepared whether you’re searching for increased privacy, increased control over your chatting experience, or simply a way to spice up and add some flair to your discussions. So let’s get started and discover all the incredible features that make the essential texting tool for anybody wishing to up their chatting game!


GBWhatsapp APK File Details:

App Name GBWhatsApp APK
Android Version 4.3 and Above
Version Latest Version
Total Downloads 95,000,000+
App size 51.1MB
Root Required Not Root Required
Main Purpose WhatsApp Extra Features
Last Updated 9 Hour Ago

The benefit of GB WhatsApp Download has to do with you may install it with no interference with your initial WhatsApp. The two most prominent features you’ll notice right away are the option to secure each individual chat and the capability to alter your voice while sending voice notes using this modified version of WhatsApp. If you have been removed from the original Whatsapp, this version of WhatsApp is the one you should use. Only a brief notification is sent to accounts that are suspended: “Your phone number is prohibited from using WhatsApp. However provides a workaround for the Whatsapp prohibition.

About GB WhatsApp APK
The newer version of Whatsapp, GBWhatsApp APK, is the replacement. You can utilize talents that weren’t accessible in the initial version of WhatsApp using this latest version. This program enables you to use it to manage your internet business since it has many features that support business growth. There are various features available, like no crashing issues, message filtering, duplicate accounts, hiding your most recent sightings, anti-delete messages and statuses, and many more. Because of its user-friendly design, this version is easier to operate. Multiple fonts, in excess of Four thousand themes, access, and control were all absent from the previous edition; these features are all there in the new version. This application may be downloaded and used without incurring any further costs.

Probably among the best-customized instantaneous messaging apps available is WhatsApp GB Download, an upgraded version of WhatsApp. The primary objectives of this modification are to enhance the initially released program’s security features and its UI (user interface) freedom. You may transmit voice conversations, text messages, and photographs to your buddies with the GBWhatsApp Download APK. This app has features that are similar to those in regular WhatsApp. 

The Origins of GBWhatsApp APK
One of the mod’s creators, XDA, built GB WhatsApp with the primary goal of giving users access to features that were included in the original WhatsApp. The mod was successful, however, it was abandoned just as WhatsApp’s developers updated the app. Another is indicated by GBWhatsApp+Heymods. Yes, HeyMods also produced Whatsapp GB following the popularity of the mod made by XDA. This chat app included all the functions that users want in a chat app as well as a tonne of additional, strong capabilities. This is the reason why lots of people use the mod, which quickly gained popularity after being released.

GBWhatsApp 17.00, as an illustration Here, are some old versions of WhatsApp GB. The Heymods version offers many features that consumers require and has become quite popular. The development team continues to release new versions.

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GB WhatsApp APK Features

Conceal Online Presence
Even if you don’t feel like talking, you are interested in the message you just got. You’re online all the time when you attempt to avoid people. When working, you probably don’t want anything to distract you or interfere with your attention. A special feature of GB WhatsApp APK Download is the ability to conceal your online status. 
When you choose to enjoy yourself without boundaries or opt not to take part in events or discussions, your accounts on social media may be suspended. You may do every detail you desire while having the best time with GBWhatsApp APK. 
Emojis and Stickers
You need to understand how to communicate if you want to engage in discussion with people and don’t think of yourself as being introverted. GB WhatsApp Download anticipates your demands and allows you to gain access to a variety of emoticons and stickers with just a single tap. The application for mobile devices should have been successfully installed on the smartphone you are using in order to stop the vibe.
Downloading Development
Imagine that you find a friend’s status entertaining and wish to share it with your friends. You are not required to ask for it. WhatsApp is suitable for GB downloads because of its special features. Commercial breaks, risky downloads, or breaks don’t exist.
Supporting Concepts
In an endless amusement park, the enjoyment never ends. The hard-awaited compensation for your persistence is the opening of a theme store for WhatsApp GB, which may at any time represent anything. Remove all of your unnecessary dialogues from your program and use anything you want to customize it.
Get Rid of the Forwarding Sign
despite the fact that you intend to give away whatever is provided to you, the person giving it has no interest in knowing if you had previously gotten it from them. The parameters can be changed to deactivate the forwarded tag. These fantastic features are exclusive to WhatsApp’s GB edition. 
Largest Media Share
Lengthier videos that you can employ for status updates or to participate in chats can also be published, however, a total of thirty photos can be posted at once. Limit your attention to what you can control, learn about the software, and utilize all of its benefits. Now, 250 messages and up to 100 images may be exchanged simultaneously. 
Add a sense of anticipation, pleasure, peaceful tranquillity, and other characteristics to your lectures to make them stand out. You have complete freedom to alter the font’s size, style, color, and backdrop. In order to ensure getting together with the people you are most concerning isn’t routine or dull, make it exciting. 
Hiding the Display Status
You aren’t interested in someone knowing to find out that you were reading other people’s status updates even if you want to. You want to hear what other people have to say and hear what they have to say. Pick a technique that enables you to keep your opinions to yourself.
More than 4,000 Themes
You have access to the vast universe of themes with this specific edition of the messaging program WhatsApp. You can select your favorite theme from among the more than 4000 ones offered by this program.
Transferring Chatting
In this application, you have the option of making your chats public. because you may share the discussions with anybody you want using this program. This conversation might have been monitored and forwarded in the form of a file to your contacts.
Excellent Outcomes
You may apply incredible effects to your photographs and movies using this program. Prior to sending them via email to your contacts, you can utilize these effects. This is a fantastic application since it makes it extremely simple to change the effects that show in your photos and videos, even if you don’t like them.
Voice Modifier
You can use this program to leave voicemails in at least 10 different languages. The Drunk voice, Robot voice, Funny voice, Baby voice, Teen voice, Deep voice, Underwater voice, Quick voice, and Reverse voice are some of them. You have the option to develop your own theme by utilizing the resources provided by this program. If you don’t like the themes that are included in the edition, you may develop one that suits your needs.
Mass Sender
You may use this program to send a message to everyone with just one click if you and your friends are planning a joke. The bulk sender function of this program allows you to send a message to many contacts at once. The message-filtering function of this program is another fantastic aspect. This application allows you to quickly erase emails. When you wish to erase chat messages, use this option to filter them out.

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Difference Between GB WhatsApp APK and WhatsApp


  • You are not allowed to hide your online status.
  • You are not allowed to download the status.
  • You are not allowed to add custom fonts and stickers.
  • You are not allowed to airplane mode.
  • You can share media up to 15MB.
  • The status character length is up to 139.
  • You are not allowed to freeze your last seen.
  • DND mode is absent there in the official version.
  • This app does not support changing a theme.
  • You are not allowed to disable the forwarded tag.
  • You are not allowed to disable customized calling. 
  • Anti-delete status and messages features is absent.
  • You are not allowed to generate a password on this version.
  • This is not a fully customized app.
  • The Auto-reply feature is absent.
  • The forwarded limit is up to 10.
  • The image share limit is up to 30.

GB WhatsApp APK

  • You are allowed to hide your online status.
  • You are allowed to download the status.
  • You are allowed to add custom fonts and stickers.
  • You are allowed to airplane mode.
  • You can share media up to 200MB.
  • The status character length is up to 255.
  • You are allowed to freeze your last seen.
  • DND mod is present there in the official version.
  • This app also supports changing a theme.
  • You are allowed to disable the forwarded tag.
  • You are allowed to disable customized calling. 
  • Anti-delete status and message features are present.
  • You are allowed to generate a password on this version.
  • This is a fully customized application.
  • An Auto-reply feature is present.
  • The forwarded limit is up to 250.
  • The image share limit is up to 100.
How to Download GB WhatsApp APK?
By following the instructions listed below, you may obtain this application.

  • The ideal browser is Google Chrome. You may search for the application by choosing the search area and typing “GBWhatsApp APK” within. As opposed to any other websites you could locate through third parties, we advise you to visit our website.
  • On our website, we have a link that leads to the download.
  • The download will start a few seconds after you select the link in the following step.
  • APK files for your smartphone will be delivered to you.
How to Install GB WhatsApp APK?
The installation instructions for this program are provided below.

  • Unknown sources must initially be enabled in order to install third-party applications.
  • The downloads folder ought should now be visible in the file manager.
  • Finding and opening the APK file is the next step. The installation choices are then shown. The Gb WhatsApp APK download installation requires that you click the install button.
  • You may now use this app because it is available for Android smartphones.

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Is it free to use this program?
You don’t need to purchase this program in order to utilize it, thus yes.
Is the GB WhatsApp APK secure?
For your Android smartphone, GBWhatsApp is dependable and secure.
Will my number still have access to GB WhatsApp?
No, GBWhatsApp won’t prevent access to your phone number.
Is it possible to just download WhatsApp status?
It’s true that GBWhatsApp can provide you with the status immediately.
Final Word
The most popular WhatsApp mod is GB WhatsApp APK. Advantages by switching from WhatsApp to GB WhatsApp. You may hide the sender’s download status, messages with the second and blue ticks, and deleted messages. You can also examine the sender’s deleted messages. Your discussions interesting new elements by introducing themes, emoticons, stickers, and other modifications.

I sincerely hope you like the GBWhatsApp APK program. Also like the original Whatsapp, Whatsapp GB offers the same plans and security. You would be doing your pals a favor by passing along this fantastic GB WhatsApp APK. You’ll think it has the newest improvements and is among the top programs. Due to the fact that it has the same license as the original product, you won’t encounter any security-related problems.